We constantly involved in the development of daring and positive business activities. It is our aim to continue to provide our customers with the very best in cutting-edge solutions. We will continue to grow as a top-class specialized-product & service company that provides "top-class products" incorporating "the most innovative" technology, expertise and information, with excellent coordination skills .

Trust Infotech Electronics applies the synergy that exists among our various departments to provide our customers with a one-stop service of reliability and technology. To meet the needs both of today's rapidly diversifying society and of our customers. It is by application of this top-class technology, reliability and our global network in domestic and overseas fronts that we aim to become the technology trading company of the future.

Laboratory information management software

Lab Management Software

TRUST LIMS, an integrated software solution designed & developed for laboratory information & process management applications. TRUST LIMS takes care of total process & workflow automation activities of testing labs. Solution maintains good laboratory practices of sample management, test assignments, test results management, review & approval, invoicing, accounting, MIS and Business Intelligence activities. TRUST LIMS is ideal for industrial labs like construction material testing labs, soil investigation labs, environment testing labs, food and biotechnology labs etc.

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Clinic Management Software Dubai

Clinic Management Software

TRUST iPulse, Clinic Management software is an automated & efficient way of managing clinic with options like Doctor's appointments, Insurance Management, patient's treatment history, diagnostics info & the administrative activities of a clinic. iPULSE is ideal for a clinic with single or multiple locations, single/multiple doctors. It was developed keeping small & medium polyclinics & specialist doctors in mind. Hence emphasis was mainly on ease of use & portability.

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Hr employee payroll management software Dubai

Employee Management & Payroll Software

TRUST PayDocs is a comprehensive Payroll and Human Resources solution ideal for small and medium sized businesses looking for advanced capabilities and HR integration. It's simple and powerful time attendance and payroll processing module helps to control costs incurred on wastage of man hours due to costly manual attendance and payroll processing. TRUST PayDocs also manages company's as well as employee's document with document attachment facility along with expiry alerts of each documents.

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Asset tracking software Dubai

Asset Tracking Software

TRUST AssetMan is an Asset Tracking Solution designed to control and manage mobile and fixed assets of your organization. Solution centrally manages multiple categories of assets, where they are located, who uses them, and all details associated to the items. AssetMan is an end to end product which helps the user to categories the assets, register, Print Barcode, track using the barcode enabled Mobile devices and calculate depreciation. Enables you to track an unlimited number of assets with vendor, service center & insurance details

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inventory management software Dubai

Inventory Management Software

TRUST BusinessMate, is an automated Inventory Solution, benefits manufacturing, purchase & sales system which can be configured to reflect your business practices & processes. In a traditional Inventory Management System users are restricted with traditional way of stock handling which result in loosing pace with shifting business requirements. TRUST BusinessMate helps companies in identifying requirements and configuring output as needed from software.

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Pharmacy management software Dubai

Pharmacy Management Software

TRUST iPharma, is a PC based retail pharmacy management system for managing stocks, purchases, sales, create invoices, payment receipts and can print bar coded labels. iPharma is designed specifically for community and independent retail pharmacies.

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Time Attendance and Access Control Software Dubai

Time Attendance & Access Control Software

TRUST TAACS , is a comprehensive Time Attendance and Access Control solution ideal for small and medium sized businesses looking for advanced capabilities and biometric integration. It's simple and powerful time attendance module helps to control costs incurred on wastage of man hours due to costly manual attendance processing.

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Stock taking software Dubai

Mobile Stock Taking Software

TRUST iStock, easy to use, cost effective, secured, time saving mobile stocktaking and inventory data capture solutions for quicker and efficient stock taking. Manage stocktake , inventory count, stock valuation, stock difference, handover and other inventory data capture tasks via mobile.

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